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Graphic DesiGn

I grew up with a love of art, and when I was older, moved from painting and drawing to graphic design. Throughout college I took multiple graphic design classes. Below are some of my projects created for those classes.


Theater Poster

I created a poster for Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream in Adobe Illustrator. It portrays the characters of the fairy king and queen over-looking the two couples as they wander through the forest. In the middle stands the flower that causes the comedic storyline to unfold.

Album cover

In Adobe Photoshop, I used smart objects and masks to create an album cover for a fictional recording artist.


Seed Packets

Using Adobe Illustrator, I created seed packets for a fictional gardening company.


While working with gradients in Adobe Illustrator, I was inspired by a photograph of John Lennon.


Woman With Flower

I created an illustration with the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator of a woman kicking her leg in the air while holding a flower.

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